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Hey there! I’m Bekah and I am a stay at home mom from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a love for travel! My husband and I adore adventure and bringing our three girls along for the ride! I first visited Disney World as a teenager and was sucked in from the start! I have experience taking my own kids from the time they were infants, and I now have a teenager! I know for a fact that Disney magic can be felt at any age (go ahead and ask my husband, who foolishly told me 8 years ago that we only would need to go once!). Our most memorable days have ended watching the Magic Kingdom fireworks from our room’s balcony our favorite resort, the Contemporary!

Booking a Disney trip can seem overwhelming, but I’m a believer that it’s worth the investment, and I’m here to help you ENJOY the process! I’m experienced with Genie+, restaurant dining, on site accommodations and transportation, but I also know the value of finding a good hidden spot to rest and relax with a Dole Whip! Let me help you plan your magical vacation in a stress-free way, and help you to feel prepared and ready for what I promise to be some of your very favorite memories!

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Favorite & Amazing Travel Destinations

  • Disney World
  • Disneyland
  • Disney Cruise Line

My Favorite Destinations

My favorite travel destination, Rebeka’s favorite is always changing. Sometimes she feels like being surrounded by the magical world of Disney and so her current top destinations become either Disneyland or Walt Disney World for a more kids-friendly experience; however, if it’s a tropical island paradise that Bekah dreams about then head to Florida with its beautiful beaches as well as immense cruise ships opportunities (you’ll never run out!). And finally when looking into relaxing boat trips along canals near Venice Beach – remember you’re in California!

If you’re ever planning a trip to Rebekah’s favorite travel destination, make sure to ask her for advice first as she always has the best tips and tricks up her sleeve!

The Benefits of Planning Your Disney Vacation with BEKAH

After years of planning family vacations, travel agent Rebekah has learned some valuable lessons. Whether you’re looking to take your spouse or kids on an all-out adventure with theme parks as the main attraction (and no other activities), go sightseeing around America while skipping most meals so it’s easier for them to make memories in each location; want little bits and pieces from every destination without having any plans made ahead–she’ll help get everything organized! This way when “it” happens during these trips – whatever It turns out to be: marriage proposals/weddings planned abroad



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