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Ciao! Meet your Blissful Travel Escapes advisor, Nicole. By day she is a military spouse and mother of her two-year-old son. Although she has a knack for all things Disney World, cruising away to the tropics, and enjoying pina Coladas at the swim-up bar at all-inclusive resorts, she has been grateful to trot across the globe throughout Europe while her family was stationed in Italy for the past few years.

From hiking the mountains of Switzerland to relaxing in the vineyards of Tuscany, or snorkeling the coast of Croatia this girl will have all of the tips and tricks to make the most adventure-packed or blissful escape in Europe for you. Her hands-on approach will have your trip feel like it was all a dream by the time you come back home. Whether you want it all planned out, or rather just get lost in tourist destinations and quiet beautiful crooks of the world she can help plan as little or as much as you would like. The best part of memories is the making of them so let her help you make some memories that will last you a lifetime.

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My Favorite Destinations

If you’re looking for a memorable experience in Europe, look no further than my favorite travel destination. I love exploring new places and learning about the culture of each country that we visit; as such, there are many different top destinations within this extraordinary continent which changes constantly based on what’s newest or most interesting to me at any given time (sometimes even day!). One thing though remains constant: whether it be through planning adventures with friends while traveling solo–or helping families create unforgettable memories together- Nicole will have tips & tricks galore so your trip feels like nothing but pure bliss!

The Benefits of Planning Your Travel Vacation with Nicole M.

If you’re looking for a way to make your significant another feel like royalty on their special day, look no further than Travel Agent Nicole. She can help plan an all-out adventure with theme parks as the main attraction (and not another activity) so they have memories from every location!

With her organizational skills and years of experience in traveling abroad, it’s guaranteed that “It” will happen – whether its marriage proposals/weddings planned abroad or just some little bits & pieces across multiple trips; whatever idea fits best into YOUR budget she’ll get organized right away



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