Is it Worth Going on a Disney Cruise?

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Disney Cruise Worth it?

As a family travel agent, I get asked this question a lot. Is a Disney cruise worth it?

After all, Disney cruises are certainly not on the “less expensive” end of the cruise spectrum. While cruising is never a one-size-fits-all experience, I would say that for most families, a Disney Cruise is 100% worth the cost.

A Disney cruise Line compares to most other large ship cruise lines in many of the same ways that Disney theme parks compare to most other theme parks. There is a focus on higher-quality experiences and better attention to detail.

If you aren’t a fan of the Disney brand, you won’t be a fan of Disney cruises. The mouse and all his pals are well-represented while on board.

While a Disney cruise is designed to keep kids happy. Disney has managed to be very successful at making its adult Disney experiences just as enjoyable as those aimed at children.

Here are a lot of reasons why we believe a Disney cruise is worth the cost.

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Are Disney Cruises Worth It? Here Are Reasons Why We Think They Are!

Fabulous Dining Experiences

One of the most unforgettable aspects of a Disney Cruise is undoubtedly the dining experience. Disney Cruise Line goes above and beyond to cater to all palates. A variety of themed restaurants and unique dining concepts that immerses guests in storytelling and culinary excellence.

From the elegant atmospheres of restaurants like Remy and “Palo,” tailored for adult guests seeking a fine dining experience, to the magical and interactive family settings of “Animator’s Palate,” where characters and art come to life.

Not only does each restaurant offer a diverse menu catering to international tastes and dietary needs, but the rotational dining system ensures that guests can enjoy a new dining venue each night without sacrificing the personalized service of a dedicated wait staff who accompanies you on your culinary journey. This seamless blend of innovation, magic, and flavor makes every meal on a Disney Cruise an event to remember.

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World-Class Entertainment

As the creators of some of the most beloved animated films and characters. Disney knows how to put on a show. And on a Disney Cruise, guests are in for a treat as they can enjoy Broadway-caliber productions and live performances that rival those found in any major city.

From classic tales like “Frozen” and “Beauty and the Beast” to original productions like “Tangled: The Musical” and “Disney Dreams,” the entertainment options on board are nothing short of spectacular. With multiple shows continuously rotating throughout the cruise, guests can experience a different show every night of their trip.

From singing along to familiar tunes to being mesmerize by stunning visuals and special effects. It’s safe to say that Disney Cruise Line knows how to keep their guests entertained.

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Fun for the Whole Family

A Disney Cruise is not just about fine dining and world-class entertainment. It’s also a vacation that families can enjoy together, with activities and experiences catered to every age group.

From kids’ clubs where young ones can play and make new friends while parents have some alone time, to family-friendly deck parties and character meet-and-greets. There is never a dull moment on board.

For teens, there are dedicate spaces where they can hang out with their peers and engage in age-appropriate activities. And for adults looking for some relaxation, there’s an exclusive area on the ship reserved just for them – complete with a pool, spa, and quiet lounges. With something for everyone, a Disney Cruise truly is the perfect family vacation.

Destinations Galore

Disney Cruises set sail to various destinations around the world, allowing guests to experience new cultures and adventures. From tropical Caribbean islands to historical European cities and even Alaskan glaciers, there is a cruise for every travel preference.

With multiple ports of call on each itinerary, guests can choose to spend their day exploring the destination or enjoy all that the ship has to offer. Plus, Disney Cruise Line also offers special themed cruises such as Marvel Day at Sea and Pixar Day at Sea, adding an extra layer of excitement and magic to the journey.

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Memories That Last a Lifetime

One of the most unique aspects of a Disney Cruise is the attention to detail and special moments that create memories to last a lifetime.

From character greetings and interactive shows to themed dining experiences and surprise appearances, there are countless opportunities for families to make unforgettable memories together. And with professional photographers on board, guests can capture these moments forever with high-quality photos.

Plus, Disney Cruise Line offers various packages to help preserve these precious memories. From digital downloads to personalized photo albums, guests can relive the magic of their cruise long after it’s over.

Impeccable Service

At Disney Cruise Line, guest satisfaction is the top priority. From the moment guests step on board until they depart, they are treated with exceptional service from every crew member. Whether it’s ensuring a special dietary request is met or going above and beyond to make a child’s dream come true. The crew members are dedicate to making every guest feel like they are part of the Disney family.

This level of service extends to all areas of the ship, from dining and entertainment to housekeeping and activities. With a high ratio of crew members to guests, there is always someone available to assist with any needs or requests. With Disney Cruise Line, guests can truly sit back and relax, knowing that every aspect of their vacation is taken care of with impeccable service.

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Endless Activities for All Ages

One of the reasons why Disney Cruise Line is a top choice for family vacations is because there is something for everyone to enjoy.

From kids’ clubs and teen hangouts to adults-only lounges and spa treatments, there is an endless array of activities to suit all ages and interests. Families can spend quality time together at the pool or catch a Broadway-style show in the evening.

Kids can have fun with their favorite Disney characters while adults indulge in a delicious dinner at one of the onboard restaurants.

And for those looking for a little adventure, there are plenty of shore excursions and activities to choose from in each port of call. With so much to do, there is never a dull moment on a Disney cruise.

The Magic of Disney at Sea

One of the main draws of a Disney cruise is the opportunity to experience the magic of Disney while at sea. From character meet-and-greets to themed deck parties, guests can interact with their favorite Disney characters and immerse themselves in the world of their beloved movies.

Kids can even get transformed into princesses or pirates at the onboard Bibbidi Bobbidy Boutique. And don’t forget about the fireworks show on certain itineraries, a signature event that can only be seen on Disney Cruise Line ships. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, there is no shortage of Disney magic on a cruise vacation.

Stunning Destinations

Disney Cruise Line offers itineraries to some of the most beautiful beach destinations around the world. From the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean to scenic European cities, there is a cruise for every type of traveler.

Guests can explore ancient ruins in Greece. Snorkel with tropical fish in the Bahamas, or discover the vibrant culture of Mexico. And with multiple ports of call on each itinerary, guests can experience a variety of destinations during one cruise.

Unmatched Service

One aspect that sets Disney Cruise Line apart from other cruise lines is its unmatched service. From the moment guests step onboard, they are treated like royalty by the friendly and attentive crew members.

The staff goes above and beyond to ensure that every guest has a magical experience. From personalized greetings to surprise gifts and special touches in the staterooms. And with one of the highest guest-to-staff ratios in the industry, guests can expect top-notch service throughout their entire cruise.

Pros of Going on a Disney Cruise

Impeccable Family-Friendly Entertainment

The heart of the Disney Cruise is its dedication to the family. The entertainment aboard is designed to appeal to all ages, from the wee ones to the whimsical grandparents.

With Broadway-quality shows, character meet-and-greets, deck parties, and a myriad of youth clubs tailored for different age groups. The challenge isn’t finding something everyone loves – it’s deciding what to do first.

Disney-Themed Magic Around Every Corner

For the die-hard Disney fan, this is as close to a dream come true as it gets. From the moment you step on the ship, you are immersed in a world where the line between reality and fantasy blurs.

Whether it’s a Frozen sing-along, a Marvel heroes encounter, or a day at sea turned pirate regatta, the enchantment never wanes.

Culinary Delights that Define Fine Dining at Sea

Disney Cruises are known for their exceptional dining experiences. Each ship offers rotational dining, where you enjoy a different themed restaurant every night, alongside the same waitstaff who cater to your every need.

If that’s not enough, the signature, adult-exclusive restaurant, Remy, is a gastronomic masterpiece that no palate should miss.

Onboard Amenities and First-Class Services

The Disney standard of service is renowned for a reason – it sets the bar high. From the cleanliness of the cabins to the efficiency of the cast members, every detail is meticulously attended to.

On top of that, the ships are equipped with pools, water slides, movie theaters, and spas to cater to all your vacation whims.

Cons to Consider Before You Unpack

Examining the Costs Beyond the Fare

A common assertion is that a Disney Cruise is an expensive vacation – and it’s not unfounded. Beyond the initial ticket price, you’ll need to budget for gratuities, shore excursions, alcoholic beverages, and other incidentals.

While the upfront cost is substantial, it’s important to consider the value of what’s included and what falls outside the package.

Navigating the Crowds During Peak Seasons

Vacationing alongside crowds of happy families is part of the Disney experience. However, the crowds during peak seasons can be overwhelming and impact the personalized service that Disney is known for.

If you value a more serene voyage, consider off-peak times when the ships are less at capacity.

Limited Adult Entertainment without Children

While there are adult sections and themed adult nights, the focus of the onboard entertainment remains family-centric.

Guests traveling without young ones might find the offerings for them less diverse. Especially in comparison to cruise lines catering primarily to an adult clientele.

Setting the Course Right with a Disney Cruise

Comparing the Disney Experience with Other Cruise Lines

The Disney Cruise experience is unique, but how does it stack up against other major cruise lines? From the amenities and service to the cost-effectiveness, we’ll explore what makes a Disney Cruise stand out and where it might lag.

Proven Tips to Enhance Your Disney Cruise Adventure

Booking a Disney Cruise can be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for some. To make the most of it, we’ll provide insider tips on stateroom selection, shore excursions, dining reservations, and how to simplify the boarding and disembarkation process for a smoother voyage.

Essential Packing Advice for a Disney Cruise

Unlike Aladdin’s magic carpet, luggage space is not unlimited on a cruise ship. We’ll give you a comprehensive list of essentials and fun items that will take your Disney Cruise from good to great in preparation for your time onboard.


A Disney cruise offers an unforgettable vacation experience for guests of all ages. With a combination of family-friendly activities, Island destinations, and unmatched service. It truly is the perfect getaway for families, couples, and solo travelers alike. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing retreat or an action-packed adventure, Disney Cruise Line has something for everyone.

So pack your bags and get ready for a magical voyage filled with fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Book your Disney cruise today and embark on the journey of a lifetime! Don’t forget to bring your camera to capture all the magical moments!

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