Hawaii Vacation Guide For First-Time Visitors

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Today I will be talking about Hawaii Vacation Guide and Best Islands to Visit in Hawaii. Traveling is great, but sometimes the best travel experiences come when you get to see an area through the eyes of a local.

Some people may think that they don’t want or need a travel guide to Hawaii while visiting. But it doesn’t take long before they realize how much local knowledge can enrich your trip. No matter if you are backpacking or staying in a 5-star resort, taking a Vacation Travel Guide or a Hawaii Tour Package with you will help to make sure that no one takes advantage of you and the only prices you have to pay for anything are those listed at market rates.

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Hawaii Travel Guide Map best island to visit

This Travel Guide for The Hawaiian Archipelago.

Due to its isolation, each island is markedly different from the other in climate, personality, and beauty. It’s a must-read for anybody who wants to visit or live on these islands. Hawaiian Vacation Travel Guide will give you the knowledge to make informed decisions, saving you time and money.

This Travel Guide for Hawaii also will help you decide which island is right for your Family, Hawaii For couples, or Honey Moon. We will introduce you to the best Hawaii beaches, resorts, hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, neighborhoods, waterfalls, and museums on each island.

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Best Travel Guide Attractions in Hawaii

USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor – Oahu

The USS Arizona Memorial at Pearl Harbor in Honolulu is the #1 Visitor Destination in Hawaii. Over 2 million U.S. and international visitors choose to visit this memorial every year because it’s where WWII began for America! 9 historic sites contribute,

Including five right there on Battleship Row (USS Oklahoma Memorial Site) or just off Ford Island as well places like Surrender Site 8 which has an interpretive center dedicated entirely to its wartime heroism before you continue your journey across Oahu island-wide into Waikiki Beach fronting hotels & restaurants perfect spots make memories last forever.

Pearl Harbor.

The Pearl Harbor Visitor Center is a must-see for any visitor to Hawaii. 17 acres, it’s recently been renovated and is now operated by the National Park Service. With guided tours available that summarize history from both perspectives: those who were attacked at Pearl Harbor as well as Americans in general!.

Your tour starts with admission tickets to this historic site where you’ll receive movie theater-style presentations which are approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes long each. After seeing all there is here visitors can head back towards their ship or transportation but be prepared because these sites take time (especially if English isn’t spoken).

The Hawaiian name for Pearl Harbor: “Pu’uloa,” translates to ‘water of pearls’. It is no wonder that this once-booming town was rich with valuable gems.

North Shore of – Oahu

The North Shore of Oahu is famous for its waves. The North Shore refers to the geographic area between the West side’s Ka’ena Point and the East side’s Kahuku Point was most well-known among surfers. Because it has larger-than-life conditions during wintertime with breathtaking coastlines that attract them from all over the world.

Especially those looking at picturesque views like we’ve got here on our plate! Some spots include Waimea Bay- sunset beach, Banzai Pipeline (Ehukai Beach)

When on the North Shore of Oahu. Go visit Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck in Kahuku and order a garlic shrimp plate. Visit the historic MATSUMOTO Grocery Store for shave ice or spend some time at Waimea Bay where you can see green sea turtles enjoying their natural habitat before checking out Laniakea Beach (or Green Hawaiian Sea Turtles).

To see them up close! Please do not touch these intelligent creatures- they are so delicate with their shells that easily break if touched too roughly by humans like us mere mortals sometimes tend to be. (http://www2k16editionofdiamondsea Turtle Watch Hawai’i.)

Night Show in Travel Guide to Hawaii

Waikiki Beach – Oahu

When the first settlement in Hawaii was established, Waikiki already existed and served as a hub for trade. The name “Wake” came from the Native Hawaiian word meaning “spouting waters” because of freshwater rivers that streamed towards the ocean before it became Palolo Channel with its saltwater current flowing past Manoa Bay instead!

Waikiki is a gorgeous beach town across 1.5 square miles. Lined by hotels, and luxurious resorts, and decorated with restaurants that are just as delicious! For the best experience head to Waimea Bay for its beautiful waves or Kailua Coastal. Drive where you can see waterfalls galore while traveling along Highway 31 from Honolulu’s Airport toward Lulumahu Falls Entry Way Gate Parkway (I love how this place’s names make me feel like I’m in another country).

Moanalua Road

You’ll find loads more things worth seeing such as Black Sand Beach off of Moanalua Road which offers some unbeatable bargaining opportunities at Fridays Market when locals sell shells they’ve collected during low tide hours–you never know what might be waiting under those

Duke Kahanamoku Statue

When you’re in Waikiki, don’t just surf and paddle. Check out the Duke Kahanamoku statue for your visit; ride a bike through town at Jodo Practice Fields instead to get an understanding of how locals live their lives here.

Visit Honolulu Zoo or take classes from one-of-a-kind instructors who will teach anything from hula dancing to karate chops–it’s fun trying new things every day so keep coming back again soon because we have more surprises waiting as always 🙂

Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park – Kauai

You’ve probably heard of the beautiful Na Pali Coastline on Kauai. But you may not know that this coastal region is home to an abundance of cultural history in Hawaii. The area was once reserved for Ali’i (royalty) and is known as a place where waterfalls flow abundantly from the valley-to sea; with freshwater rivers running through it too! There’s plenty here just waiting – taro roots cooked into delicious sweet potatoes breadfruit fresh fish…

Na Pali Coastline.

Today, visitors and residents of Hawaii have a few choices when exploring the Na Pali Coastline. The most “mainstream” way for guests to explore this coastline is by ocean vessel with various sailing companies providing snorkel tours along Kauai’s gorgeous coastlines that include sunset dinner cruises as well!

For those who want more than just an underwater experience. There are longer trips available too such as Nualolo Kai which provides you access not only to one beach but several so ranging from deep water swimming up through tree planting activities–whatever your heart desires really)

Full Hiking/Camping

The Na Pali Coastline is a rare ecosystem with natural waterfalls and streams, dramatically rugged coastlines, and two gorgeous beaches. Visitors can explore this area by foot through the Kalalau Trail (22 miles roundtrip). The full hiking/camping trip takes about 3 days but it should start at Ha’ena Point where one would embark on their journey toward Hanakapi’ai Beach or Kalalau Beach

A good day excursion could include 4 miles of exploring only 2%  of what’s waiting there!

We know that some people are going to try and hike the Kalalau Trail no matter what we say, but as a general rule, it’s best not to go between mid-September and May because of unsafe weather conditions.

Haleakala National Park Maui

Take a magical, dreamlike journey to the Valley Isle of Maui and explore this beautiful island. You will feel like you’ll transport into an adventure movie when on your trip because it’s full of so many hidden treasures! Be sure not to miss out on visiting Mt. Haleakala for sunrise or sunset; they are some of life’s most special moments that only exist here – make them count by planning at least a 1 1/2 hour drive from Central Maui (Kahului).

It’s a good idea to bring something warm and comfortable for the unpredictable weather. The high elevation means that it may be cool, so make sure you pack both food and water as well!

Haleakala Crater

Guided activities at the Haleakala Crater are a lot of fun, but you should plan if your visit includes them. The outdoor classroom provides information about Maui and its natural history that will be useful for everyone to know before they go! Park specialists can engage all participants with science projects or short guided hikes (depending on what’s available)

So no matter how much time each person has spent exploring this amazing site – there’ll still be plenty more left over after engaging in these interactive programs led by park experts who know their stuff inside out!.

Crater Mountain National Park

The best place in the world for a wilderness adventure is often found just outside your front door. With over 30 miles of hiking trails and camping sites to choose from, there are plenty of opportunities waiting around every bend!.

You can take on an easy walk through nature or backpack up high into pristine Crater Mountain National Park – it’s all available with only one stop at Haleakala Forest Reserve Adventure Company first before heading out into these uncharted lands yourself (planned route).

Sunset in Hawaii

Road to Hana Maui

If you’re visiting Maui, don’t miss out on a chance to witness one of Hawaii’s most beautiful landscapes by driving the Hana Highway. The Road To Hana is probably one if not the most popular activities done in this state and it should be an essential part for anyone who loves exploring new places while getting some time alone with friends or family members!

The drive to Hana may be long, but it is worth every minute. Paia Town provides the perfect opportunity for gas-up and coffee before you set off on your journey! The town also offers many great restaurants that will keep everyone’s stomachs full without breaking too much bank in prices

Just make sure not to wait until morning because by then traffic can become overwhelming everywhere along this route (especially if someone got caught up).

We suggest you drive from 8 am onwards so as not to get stuck with hours of queuing outside stores or miss opportunities due only to arriving late into the day; researching what things one wants/needs to see while traveling through Maui becomes essential otherwise time flies past quickly.

Road to Hana

The Road to Hana can be a long, winding drive with many stops. We suggest the following: at Mile 2 you will find Twin Falls for an easy hike and a refreshing smoothie or coconut juice. Next up is the Garden of Eden Arboretum (10 miles) where visitors get a chance to see Hawaiian flora and fauna. Before continuing on Your journey past mile marker 29 into Wai’anapanapa State Park which has black sand beaches along its gorgeous coastline as well as rare glimpses into Old Hawaii if one visits during off-season hours when most tourists aren’t present yet! In town check out Art Galleries in Hanabay Marketplace ̶ guests should also stop by Hamoa Beach just beyond this location offering amazing views.

Moloka’i’s Kalaupapa National Historical Park – Maui

Kalaupapa National Historical Park is a remote destination that embodies the spirituality and natural beauty of Hawaii. It was home to over 8,000 people who die from Hansen’s Disease between 1866-1934 until it became a historical park in 1980 paying homage to all those who suffered including Saint Damien or “the miracle worker” as he came to be called by locals after his death due too their belief he worked some sort miracle during this time healing patients without medicine just faith.

The Ruins of Cannibals

Kalaupapa is a small settlement on the north side of Moloa Point, located across from Lihue. Visitors can secure permits through Blissful Travel Escapes or take one-hour guided hikes with either company to visit this famous quarantine island while they are available! There’s also plenty more than just nature here.

you’ll pass scenic oceanside views, as well as historical sites including an old hospital that used to be home six centuries ago before it became ruins due to cannibals, was a containment camp for those who had leprosy so now there are only five patients left but don’t worry – LOL

Moloka’i island

Kalaupapa is a place where people can live their lives peacefully and comfortably. The historic Hawaii park ensures that the present patient residents of Kalapana may do so with ease, comfort, and safety from Outside interference in this isolated valley below sea level on Moloka’i island – famous for its breathtaking scenery but also known as “The Rock’n’top Side Of Paradise”.

Trip to Private Lana’i Island – MAUI

Lana’i is a private, breathtakingly gorgeous island in the Hawaiian archipelago. It’s also known as “The Pineapple Isle,” earn from becoming one of America’s foremost pineapple growing locations in history–and it has direct service by plane or ferry from Honolulu (Oahu) International Airport; Kahului Safe Horizons airport which can take you straight into Maui County where this paradise resides!

When on Lana’i, guests have only a handful of lodging options to choose from. These range from luxurious Four Seasons Resorts to private vacation rentals and camping with the option for those who are looking to stay longer in one place

Having access to many great sites that can be explored by car including beaches as well as hiking trails near Polihale Canyon State Park or venture into hike regions like Waihee Valley which is just outside Hapuna Coast Guard Station makes it possible even if you don’t own wheels!

Other Places To Visit

The guest should explore the Garden of God on Polihua Road, also known as Keahiakawelo. It’s a 45-minute drive from Lana’i City and full of gorgeous views for your perfect date! Other places to visit include Sweetheart Rock or Puu Pehe Beach if you’re looking more along those lines–and don’t forget about snorkeling at Hulopoe Bay while there too.

It’s one place where kids will love being able to swim right up next to their parents so they can see what it’s like underwater without having any worries whatsoever since lifeguards are present 24/7 no matter when

Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park – Big Island

The Big Island is home to some of the most beautiful scenery in all of Hawaii. With its lush jungles, powerful volcanic landscapes, and an incredible fossil record that dates back millions of years – it’s no wonder this island has been targeted by researchers from around the world for so many decades! And if you want a glimpse into what life might have been like here before humans arrived…

Well just head over to Volcanoes National Park where there are plenty of opportunities both on land AND underwater (you can even explore sharks)!

If you’re looking for something a little more active than just viewing lava, then take the opportunity to explore this amazing park. You can go inside some of its most fascinating attractions like Jaggar Museum & Giftshop or observe billowing steam vents from afar before making your way towards the safer ground in order that these fiery infernos don’t get too close!

Adventure Hike.

When visiting the beautiful Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, plan ahead if you want to take a guided tour or go on an adventure hike. If only have one day in this paradise of nature then make sure not to miss out by embarking on Crater Rim Drive which will allow your mind to wander through lush tropical forests and breathtaking views across hot pools filled with volcanic fog!

Kona Coffee Farms (Big Island)

While coffee may not be your favorite drink, it’s important to at least try one farm while visiting Hawaii. There are hundreds of these farms in Kona so take some time and tour them throughout the day like on an adventurous wine-tasting adventure!

See how beans get processed from picking through roasting then finally ending up as delicious coffees or teas that can fill any need for caffeine you might have come off a long flight.

Local Culture of Hawai’i

You will have the opportunity to explore your surroundings and experience different coffee cultures while on vacation.

Experience the local culture of Hawai’i during this interactive festival. For one weekend in November, visitors can enjoy live music and entertainment as they explore Kona coffee farms while learning more about our rich history with this delicious beverage!

A list composed entirely from suggestions by you: If you traveling near Honolulu or Waikoloa then make sure not to miss out on experiencing ‘The Coffee Connection’. A locals favorite it calls itself – the Lyman Kona project alone provides insight into how much pride we take drinking something so essential here on the island; Greenwell Plantation has been

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