Epcot Center Disney World Ultimate Guide To Planning an Epic WDW Vacation

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Epcot Center In Disney Orlando is the perfect tool for Disney fans looking to maximize their magical experience. Filled with insider knowledge, tips, and tricks on where to stay, and how to get around. Best attractions and dining options as well as special events and discounts available only to guide readers, this guide is invaluable for any Epcot fan. With this comprehensive guide in your hands, you can plan your dream trip to Epcot with confidence and make sure it’s the most magical vacation ever!

So, let’s get started planning an unforgettable Disney adventure at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center in Orlando. Grab your mouse ears and follow along as we explore all the incredible attractions, accommodations, dining options, and more.

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Epcot Tickets and Reservations

A visit to Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is a must-have for any Disney fan looking to have some truly unforgettable moments. But with so many attractions, shows, and restaurant choices available at Epcot Center. Securing tickets and reservations ahead of time allows you the opportunity to make your trip even more magical! Whether it’s for admission passes or FastPass+ selection or special event entry tickets – planning will undoubtedly ensure an enjoyable experience in every way possible.

Planning your Epcot adventure has never been easier than with the help of the Walt Disney World website! Not only will you find amazing discounts on ticket prices and exclusive online-only offers, but you can also book FastPass+ reservations in advance so that you’ll be able to avoid long wait times for some of your favorite attractions. And once everything is purchased and arranged, they’ll even appear directly within the My Disney Experience app – making it simple to keep track of all your plans while at Epcot!

When you’re headed to Epcot Orlando, don’t forget that they have ticket booths near their main entrance gates! Prices may differ from those found online, but you might be in luck and find special deals or packages exclusively available at the booth. So make sure to check it out before committing to your purchase!

It’s critical to plan and finds out if any attractions or special events you’re keen on require an additional ticket. For example, the festive Epcot International Food & Wine Festival necessitates a distinct admission fee along with your standard park ticket.

Disney Genie Service

Disney Genie, a state-of-the-art service now available for all Walt Disney World Resort guests through the My Disney Experience app, will help you plan your perfect day.

With personalized itinerary creation that effortlessly and smartly maps out an entire day inspired by what matters most to you, this new feature allows you to make the most of your park time so you can have maximum fun!

Disney Genie Service is your ultimate navigator for an unforgettable experience in the park – it continuously updates your plans as the day progresses so you can stay flexible and go with the flow. Tired? Spontaneous rain shower? Fancy a Mickey ice cream bar detour? Disney Genie Service will quickly adapt to accommodate whatever twist or turn comes up!

With the My Disney Experience app, you can make the most out of your time in Walt Disney World Packages with access to over 40 attractions through their Lightning Lane Entrance – plus individual Lightning Lane Entrances for particularly popular rides. And don’t worry – each attraction still offers a standby queue as well!

Attractions and Rides at Epcot Center

Epcot Center at Walt Disney World is a theme park like no other. It’s an experimental prototype community of tomorrow, or EPCOT, that celebrates human achievement and innovation through its attractions and rides. From the iconic Spaceship Earth geodesic dome to the thrilling Test Track coaster, there’s something for everyone in Epcot. With a variety of attractions for all ages, Epcot is an exciting place to explore.

ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs Orlando

ImageWorks – The “What If” Labs Orlando is a unique experience that can be found inside Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. This interactive space encourages guests to explore their creativity and think about what could be possible by combining technology, art, and imagination. Inside ImageWorks, guests can find an array of interactive displays, including a multi-screen projection wall, hands-on activities, and more.

Guests can also take part in special workshops throughout the year that focuses on different topics related to creativity and imagination. With its unique interactive features, ImageWorks is perfect for families with children of all ages who want to explore their creative side while having fun at Epcot Orlando!

Journey Into Imagination With Figment Epcot

This ride takes guests on a journey through the Imagination Institute, where they can experience all sorts of amazing creations and inventions. Along the way, they’ll come across Figment, the lovable purple dragon who has become a fan favorite over the years. At the end of their journey, guests will have experienced a whole new world of creativity and wonder.

Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future

Project Tomorrow: This is an exciting experience that awaits guests at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. This interactive exhibit offers visitors a chance to explore what might be possible in the future by engaging with innovative technology. Along the way, participants will learn about various NASA discoveries and other inspiring advancements being developed around the world.

With interactive videos, hands-on simulations, and more, participants will be able to create their vision of the future. Guests can also take part in special events such as fireworks shows, street parties, and festivals that celebrate innovation around the globe. Project Tomorrow at EPCOT is a perfect way for guests of all ages to explore the possibilities of the future.

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth

Epcot’s Spaceship Earth is one of the most iconic and recognizable landmarks at Walt Disney World. Located at the front entrance of the Epcot center in Orlando, Florida, this giant silver sphere stands as a beacon of fun and exploration for visitors from all over the world. The iconic structure stands 180 feet tall and measures 165 feet in diameter, making it the largest free-standing geodesic dome in the world.

Spaceship Earth is home to one of Epcot’s most popular attractions, a slow-moving ride inside the structure that takes guests through time and teaches them about human accomplishments throughout history. The ride tells a story of humankind’s progress from ancient times to the modern day, providing an immersive and educational experience for Epcot visitors.

In addition to its incredible ride, Epcot’s Spaceship Earth also offers guests stunning views from the top of the dome as well as a nightly light show that lights up the night sky with a mix of lasers, music, and fireworks.

World Discovery At Epcot

Uncover captivating tales of science, technology, and intergalactic exploration with World Discovery. Immerse yourself in a world that brings these stories to life! Wander through the countries in World Showcase and explore their cultures, customs, and cuisines. Take a ride on iconic attractions, such as Spaceship Earth or Soarin’ Around the World! Epcot is packed with exciting things to do and see for everyone.

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is one of the most thrilling attractions at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. Step inside a state-of-the-art ride and journey through galaxies full of characters from the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. This dazzling roller coaster takes guests on an interstellar adventure that features giant space orbs, alien worlds, and a 360-degree backward rotation!

With amazing special effects and incredible thrills, this is one ride you won’t want to miss. Plus, with its location in Epcot Orlando, Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind provides an out-of-this-world experience that’s sure to be remembered.

Be sure to check out this amazing attraction when you visit the Epcot Center Disney!

For more tips on making your vacation unforgettable, be sure to pick up the Ultimate Epcot Guide for a Magical Disney Vacation. Our exclusive insider information will help you plan an epic trip that’s full of adventure and magic!

Mission: SPACE  

Mission: SPACE Advanced Training Lab EPCOT

Is an exciting attraction in Disney World’s Epcot Park. Located in Future World, this thrilling ride takes guests on a simulated space mission to Mars and beyond. Guests board the spacecraft and prepare for launch as they get an up close and personal look at their mission control center. Once the engines are ignited, they are launched into space, experiencing the thrilling sensations of a true astronaut journey. The mission is complete once they land on Mars and explore the planet’s surface.

The Mission: SPACE lab also offers guests the chance to learn more about becoming an astronaut. They can take part in interactive activities that simulate what it would be like to train and launch a mission like the one they just experienced. They can also explore the various control systems and equipment used in space missions and learn about the scientific principles behind them.

Test Track Epcot   

Test Track is one of Walt Disney World’s most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping attractions. Located in the heart of Epcot, this high-speed test track takes riders on a white-knuckle ride as they race around hairpin turns, a spiral loop, and other exhilarating maneuvers!

The attraction starts with a brief safety video before boarding a vehicle and beginning the 3-minute journey around the course. Along the way, riders reach speeds up to 65 mph! After the ride, guests can head over to Design Studio where they can customize their virtual concept car and race it on their track.

Presented by Chevrolet 

Chevrolet proudly presents the Ultimate Epcot Guide for a Magical Disney Vacation. With this guide, you’ll be able to make sure your time in Epcot is filled with magical memories and enchanting experiences that you’ll never forget. We provide all the tips and tricks needed to plan your Disney World vacation with confidence, from where to stay and how to get around, to the best attractions and dining options.

Plus, you’ll find exclusive insider information about special events happening throughout the year at Epcot Center Disney, plus discounts available only to guide readers. Make sure your vacation is as magical as possible with the Chevrolet Ultimate Epcot Guide for a Magical Disney Vacation!

World Nature at Epcot 

World Nature at Epcot is an amazing way to explore Disney’s avant-garde vision of nature, paired with the wonders of EPCOT Center. Located in Walt Disney World’s eponymous park, this magnificent area of the park offers guests a variety of attractions and experiences that will leave them in awe.

From the iconic Living with the Land boat ride, where you can explore the wonders of nature found within EPCOT’s greenhouses, to the mesmerizing Journey Into Imagination with Figment. Epcot’s beloved dragon mascot – there is something for everyone here. Additionally, Epcot’s World Nature area boasts a selection of shopping, dining, and entertainment experiences that will make your Epcot vacation even more magical.

Whether you’re taking in the beauty of Epcot through a relaxing boat ride or enjoying a show at The Seas with Nemo and Friends, World Nature is one area of Epcot that can’t be missed!

Awesome Planet at Epcot

One of Epcot’s most popular attractions is “Awesome Planet,” which is housed in the Land Pavilion. This 11-minute 360-degree film takes viewers on a stunning tour of Earth’s natural wonders, from the lush rainforests of South America to the icy tundra of Antarctica. Narrated by Hollywood star Ty Burrell, the spectacle is a breathtaking reminder of the beauty and fragility of our planet.

The Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival is a must-see for anyone visiting the park in spring. This annual event celebrates the joy of gardening, from expert demonstrations and exhibits to unique culinary experiences. It’s also a great opportunity to learn more about sustainable gardening practices that help protect our environment.

Bruce’s Shark World

Offers a unique experience for visitors to Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. Located in the Epcot Orlando area of the park, this interactive attraction allows guests to come face-to-face with different species of sharks from around the world. Guests can learn about these amazing creatures and their habitats through a variety of educational displays and activities.

Plus, the area offers great photo opportunities with the sharks. With this Epcot guide, you can make sure you don’t miss out on this unique experience and capture memories that will last a lifetime!

Living With the Land

Living with the Land is an iconic Epcot attraction located in Future World at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center. This popular ride takes visitors on a relaxing boat tour through various greenhouses, showcasing some of the most innovative agricultural and horticultural advances of today.

As they float down the river. Passengers can observe aquaculture tanks stocked with tilapia, shrimp, and other fish species. As well as lush hydroponic gardens growing various fruits and vegetables. Additionally, guests can learn about ancient farming techniques that have been used for centuries and discover what the future of farming might look like. With its informative narration, Living with the Land is a great way to gain insight into sustainable agriculture and its importance in preserving the environment. Be sure to check out this Epcot must-see on your next Orlando vacation!

Disney’s Behind the Seeds Tour

If you’re looking for a more in-depth look into the world of sustainable farming and horticulture, Disney’s Behind the Seeds Tour is a great option. This 90-minute guided tour takes visitors through Epcot’s greenhouses and visualizes Disney’s commitment to sustainability.

Passengers can observe fish farming, insectary research, hydroponic gardens, sustainable pest management, and much more. This educational experience is perfect for any traveler interested in learning about ecological practices and stewardship of the planet. Make sure to add this tour to your Epcot vacation plans.

Inside Sea Base at Epcot

Sea Base is an immersive underwater experience located inside Epcot at Walt Disney World. Here, guests are taken on an exploration of the world’s oceans, discovering their life and habitats as they venture through the aquariums and interactive exhibits.

At Sea Base, visitors can learn about marine conservation, interact with sea creatures, and explore the depths of the oceans. With up-close encounters with dolphins, manatees, and sharks, Sea Base offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all ages. Plus, there are plenty of activities and attractions to keep everyone entertained including shows, movies, interactive displays, and more.

The Seas with Nemo & Friends

The Seas with Nemo & Friends is a popular ride and interactive experience inside Epcot, Walt Disney World’s iconic theme park. Located in Future World, this attraction takes guests on a whimsical, underwater journey with lovable characters from the Disney Pixar movie Finding Nemo. As they venture through the exhibit, they’ll be able to explore the ocean depths and meet some of their favorite sea creatures. Plus, with interactive games and activities, there’s plenty to keep everyone entertained.

Sea Turtles

This enchanting exhibit lets you get up close and learn about these beautiful creatures as they make their way around the lagoon. The Sea Turtle exhibit is a must-see for anyone looking to add a bit of magic to their trip.

Soarin’ Around the World

Soarin’ Around the World at Walt Disney World’s Epcot Center is an exhilarating journey across the globe that takes riders on a 360-degree sweeping tour of some of the world’s most iconic landmarks. Riders are suspended in midair in seating capable of accommodating up to six people and are lifted high into the air for a breathtaking view of the most beautiful places on Earth. This popular attraction is one of Epcot’s attractions that you don’t want to miss!

The ride takes visitors over some of the world’s most iconic monuments and landscapes such as the Great Wall of China, Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, and the Eiffel Tower in France. As you soar across the globe, a thrilling and memorable soundtrack composed by Oscar-winning composer/producer Bruce Broughton plays along with stunning visuals projected on the large dome screen. The ride lasts approximately five minutes and is suitable for all ages.

Turtle Talk With Crush

Are you ready to make your Disney vacation even more magical? Then get ready for a unique experience only found at Epcot Center in Walt Disney World. Turtle Talk With Crush – the lovable surfer-dude character from Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” – is an interactive show that will leave a smile on your face.

In this show, Crush talks directly to the audience in real-time, answering questions and interacting with children. It’s one of the few shows in Epcot where you can talk back! Plus, it’s located right by The Seas With Nemo & Friends Pavilion, so you can easily make a day out of it.

World Showcase at Epcot Disney World

World Showcase at Epcot is an incredible experience that allows visitors to feel as though they have traveled around the world in just one afternoon. Located in Walt Disney World’s EPCOT, this area of the park provides a wealth of cultural experiences and attractions, allowing guests to explore 11 different countries represented there.

From the irresistible Mexican flavors of La Cantina De San Angel to the stunning Chinese architecture of the China Pavilion, you’ll feel immersed in different cultures with each step. Dining options are plentiful and souvenirs are aplenty, so make sure to take some time to explore this incredible part of Epcot Orlando! And don’t forget to check out all the special events that Epcot Center Disney Park hosts throughout the year, from live music to fireworks shows.

Whether you are traveling solo or with family, World Showcase at Epcot provides something for everyone. With our Ultimate Epcot Guide, you’ll be able to make the most of your stay and have a magical Disney vacation! So pack your bags and get ready

The Mexico Folk Art Gallery at Epcot Center Disney is a must-visit for any traveler seeking to explore the vibrant culture of Mexico. Located in the Mexico Pavillion, the gallery features a wide array of authentic Mexican artwork, including wooden carvings, textiles, pottery, and jewelry. From whimsical folk art to traditional Day of the Dead pieces, this gallery is sure to captivate and inspire.

The American Adventure

Located in the eponymous pavilion, it takes visitors on an interactive journey through the history and culture of America. With its stirring music, daring stunts, and inspiring stories, it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience that will leave you with a newfound appreciation for the country. Plus, don’t miss out on its interactive displays and activities where visitors can get an up-close look at how American culture has shaped our history!

American Heritage Gallery

Eponymous pavilion, this gallery offers something for everyone with its interactive exhibits and activities. From learning about traditional Native American cultures to discovering how America has shaped our society today, visitors are sure to leave with a newfound appreciation for the country. With its captivating displays and engaging activities, American Heritage Gallery at Epcot Orlando is sure to be an unforgettable experience!

Beauty and the Beast Sing-Along

This interactive show allows guests of all ages to sing along to some of their favorite songs from the beloved animated classic. Led by an energetic cast of actors, the sing-along is full of fun and surprises, making it a truly magical experience.

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360

Canada Far and Wide in Circle-Vision 360 is an immersive 360-degree experience that takes visitors on a journey across the great nation of Canada. Located in the eponymous pavilion at Walt Disney World’s EPCOT Center, this attraction offers a unique look into the country’s culture, beauty, and history.

Frozen Ever After

It takes guests on an enchanting journey through the kingdom of Arendelle, complete with thrilling drops and twists as guests join Anna, Elsa, Olaf, and all their friends from the hit Disney movie Frozen. This attraction is sure to delight children and adults alike, making it an absolute must-see when visiting Epcot Orlando.

The Gallery of Arts and History at Epcot Center Disney offers visitors a unique look into the past, present, and future of art and culture. From ancient artifacts to intricate sculptures, this gallery serves as a home to numerous pieces of art that are sure to inspire and captivate.

The most prominent feature in the gallery is the eponymous Globey, a 3-dimensional model of the world that serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all nations. With interactive displays and activities for visitors to explore, this gallery is sure to be an enriching experience for all who visit!

Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Guests are treated to an exciting boat ride, complete with singing characters and a musical soundtrack that celebrates the music of Mexico. Along the way, visitors will have a chance to explore the different cultural attractions that makeup Epcot Orlando’s vibrant scene. With its thrilling drops, fast-paced twists and turns, and colorful audio animatronics, this ride is sure to be one of the highlights of your trip.

Kidcot Fun Stops

Kidcot Fun Stops are a series of interactive stations located throughout Epcot Orlando. Designed to help children explore their curiosity and have fun while learning more about the world around them. At each station, kids can create their unique crafts, games, and activities that they can take home with them as souvenirs.

Reflections of China

Reflections of China is an awe-inspiring 360-degree cinematic experience located in Epcot Orlando’s eponymous pavilion. The masterpiece was created by one of China’s most celebrated filmmakers, Zhang Yimou, and brings to life some of the country’s most significant cultures and monuments. Through panoramic visuals, stirring music, and insightful narration, this attraction provides visitors with a unique look into the history and culture of China.

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure

Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure is a must-see attraction at the Epcot Orlando France pavilion. This interactive ride takes guests on a thrilling and comical journey, as they follow Remy the rat in his quest to become a master chef. At each stop along the way. Visitors will encounter larger-than-life representations of various ingredients and kitchen tools, creating a truly unique experience.

Stave Church Gallery is a unique and awe-inspiring display located in Epcot Orlando’s Norway pavilion. This interactive exhibit features replicas of ancient Norwegian stave churches. Which were initially built during the Viking era in Scandinavia and are renowned for their intricate wooden architecture. Inside the gallery, visitors can explore these amazing structures up close and learn more about the stave churches’ history and legacy.

Characters at Epcot Disney World

Embark on a global journey and explore characters from diverse cultures around the world.

See Anna and Elsa at Royal Sommerhus

Visit Sommerhus in the Norway Pavilion and reconnect with Anna and Elsa, your favorite sisters from Frozen. They will be thrilled to give you a warm welcome at their cozy Scandinavian summer home!

Donald Duck – Mexico

It’s a celebration when Donald Duck takes a break from The Three Caballeros! Donning typical Mexican garb – his favorite sombrero and an eye-catching serape. The duck is sure to be ready for picture taking. With all of his festive attire, it’s no wonder that everyone loves our beloved Donald Duck!

Mulan – in China

Get ready to have your breath taken away by the greatness of Mulan! She will be sharing her stories from the battlefield in front of the Temple of Heaven. It’s a one-of-a-kind opportunity to connect with an authentic warrior princess, and it doesn’t happen every day!

Princess Jasmine – Morocco

Forget taking a magic carpet ride, now you can meet Princess Jasmine in person at the magnificent Moroccan Marketplace!

Snow White – Germany

Step up to the magical wishing well and behold the most beautiful sight of all. Capture a lifetime memory or take some fun photographs with your loved ones.

Alice – United Kingdom

Instead of venturing into a ho. Alice invites you to join her in an enchanting garden where she can share all of her wondrous tales.

Dining Spot at Epcot Center

And when it comes to dining options, it’s no surprise that Epcot has some of the best restaurants in all of Walt Disney World. From quick service to fine dining, there is something for everyone. The Epcot Center Disney offers a variety of international flavors, including Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and French. Plus, it’s home to popular food festivals throughout the year such as International Food & Wine Festival and Flower & Garden Festival.

La Hacienda de San Angel: Great Views

La Hacienda de San Angel is easily one of the best EPCOT restaurants. It is located in the Mexico Pavilion and is suspended over the water on World Showcase Lagoon.

Biergarten Restaurant: Dinner And A Show

If you are looking for dinner and a show during your time dining at EPCOT. Look no further than Biergarten Restaurant. Located in the Germany pavilion, Biergarten Restaurant is a family-style, all-you-can-eat buffet.

Nine Dragons Restaurant: Underrated EPCOT Dining

The powers that be will probably be mad at me for recommending Nine Dragons Restaurant. Located in the China Pavilion, one of the best restaurants in EPCOT, but I would never lie to you! 

Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria: Most Affordable

If you are taking the whole family to Via Napoli Ristorante e Pizzeria and ordering pizza. Although the prices may initially seem alarming for PIZZA, as soon as you divide up the price, it isn’t that bad at all, compared to other EPCOT dining options.

Chefs de France: Some of the Best Food in Epcot

If you are looking for the best EPCOT restaurants that offer huge portions for the price, Chefs de France is the place for you! It is one of three restaurants in the France pavilion, but the most easily accessible as it is right off the main walkway.

Teppan Edo: EPCOT Must-Do

Located above the Mitsukoshi Department Store in the Japan Pavilion, Teppan Edo is the hibachi-style restaurant connected to Tokyo Dining. Just like most hibachi restaurants, be ready for loud noises, smoke, and a very fun show from the chef! The table chefs make this experience so fun, and involve everyone at the table, insuring a great time. 

Space 220: Dinner in Space

EPCOT’s newest restaurant offers a ride 220 miles up into space via an elevator and allows guests to dine in one of the best atmospheres in Disney.

Worst Epcot Table Service Restaurants

I can’t think of a better restaurant in Epcot to start our list of worst table service places than Spice Road Table.

Sunshine Seasons: Best Variety

Sunshine Seasons is located over in The Land Pavilion. Unlike other counter-service dining options at EPCOT. Sunshine Seasons is set up like a food court, meaning that there are a large variety of options to choose from.

Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie: Favorite for Dessert

You can go through your entire trip to Disney without ever even knowing that Les Halles Boulangerie-Patisserie exists! It is one of the more hidden EPCOT restaurants and it is in the very back of the France Pavilion. 

Epcot Cencet Special Events

Epcot International Festival Of The Arts

Don’t miss this incredible winter event, a unique festival that merges the performing, culinary and visual arts. Unravel yourself in an awe-inspiring experience with delectable food crafted to perfection by Disney chefs at diverse food stations. Revel in handpicked art exhibits and exclusive art workshops while being entertained by Broadway stars, jazz ensembles, marching bands, and more! Don’t wait — immerse yourself in this one-of-a-kind opportunity now!

Epcot International Flowers And Garden Festival

Immerse yourself in the beauty of nature at this breathtaking garden festival. Expert gardening advisors will be available to provide helpful advice and tips, while guided tours enable you a more intimate look into our unique garden scape. As if that weren’t enough, Garden Rocks outdoor concerts will create an atmosphere of harmony and bliss as visitors enjoy tasty treats from our array of outdoor kitchens!

International Foood & Wine Festival

Come tantalize your tastebuds at this year’s global food, wine, and dessert festival. With over 30 tasting stations full of delightful delicacies you’ll quickly understand why it continues to be a yearly favorite for many. Plus don’t miss the Eat to the Beat concert series featuring an array of musical artists that will enhance the already special atmosphere.

International Festival Of The Holidays

Embrace the unparalleled festivities of 11 countries in the World Showcase, featuring spectacular musical productions and delightful seasonal food offerings. Indulge in a holiday experience like no other at our Holiday Kitchens!

Shopping Spot at Epcot Center

Treat yourself to a unique shopping experience at EPCOT! With an impressive selection of shops, you are certain to find something interesting during your visit.

Creation Shop

Come immerse yourself in Disney magic and discover one-of-a-kind pieces of art at this enchanting store!

Mitsukoshi’s Department Store

Here, discovering iconic Japanese items is effortless. Whether you’re searching for Hello Kitty and Pikachu plush toys, bonsai trees, or traditional teapots. The selection of merchandise is practically limitless!

Plaza De Los Amigos

Visitors to this classic Mexican market can find something for every occasion, from festive sombreros to handcrafted beverage glasses. It’s easy to be charmed by the vibrant atmosphere and plentiful options! Nonetheless, no price haggling is allowed – you will still have an authentic experience that won’t break your budget.


The irresistible aroma of scrumptious Werther’s caramel will draw you in, and guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. A caramel apple or chocolate-covered strawberry is a must-have – make sure to grab one before heading out!


No matter what kind of traveler you are, Walt Disney World’s EPCOT is a must-visit destination. From unique attractions to delicious dining options and exclusive shopping experiences, Epcot Orlando has something for everyone! Whether you’re looking for an immersive cultural experience at the different pavilions around the world showcase, or just want to indulge in some classic Epcot Center Disney treats like caramel apples from Karamell-Küche – you won’t be disappointed with your trip. So come explore Epcot Orlando and make lasting memories that will last far beyond your vacation!

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