Luxury Easter Island Tours

Luxury Easter Island Tours

Easter Island is a grain of volcanic rock in the middle of the Pacific. A five-hour flight from Santiago, Easter Island has for centuries, captivated visitors and scholars due to the squatting bodies and brooding faces of hundreds of stone statues or moai. The whole place has a wild, end-of-the-world feel, and in addition to the enigmatic moai, you’ll find a one-of-a-kind island culture and volcanic scenery.

Ahu Tahai at sunset

Ahu Tongariki, the biggest and most-photographed platform, is best for this, while sunset is best seen from Ahu Tahai. Some of Ahu Tahai’s moai remain where they’ve been toppled, making the grouping look like a row of broken teeth.

Mystery of the Moai statues

Believed to have been created between 1500-1700 AD, these great figures (they have bodies, rather than being giant heads) mostly face inland and stand in groups on ceremonial stone-cut platforms ― though several lie half-buried in a quarry. On a guided tour, you can get up close to these impassive monoliths.

Traveling to Easter Island

The upright moai you see today were all re-elected to their original position by researchers. Part of the mystery of any visit to Easter Island is chewing over the myriad theories about the what, how, and why of the moai ― and particularly, what led to their destruction at the hands of their creators.

Touring the Moai Quarry is a must

In a crater lies several unfinished moai, including one behemoth that measures 21 m (68 ft) in length. If you’re staying at the Explora Rapa Nui, you can also walk the ‘moai path’ along which statues were believed to have been transported using ropes.

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