Are Kids Paying Full Price on a Disney Cruise?

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is disney cruises free for kids

Is Disney Cruises free for kids? No, Disney Cruise Line is not currently offering kids sail free, but may offer 3rd and 4th guests free on occasion.

Embarking on a magical journey with Disney Cruise Line embodies the essence of childhood dreams. However, for parents, this enchanting experience is often accompanied by a significant cost.

For families considering indulging in a Disney Cruise, a common question is how children are priced and if there are ways to make the experience more affordable without skimping on the magic.

Child Pricing on Disney Cruises

In the realm of Disney Cruise Line, child pricing is a well-oiled system that seeks to balance inclusivity with profitability. Since Disney positions itself as a family-focused company. The child pricing model strives to be relatively fair, considering the robust itinerary of activities and entertainment geared specifically for younger passengers.

The key to understanding child pricing is realizing that Disney’s mission on its cruises is to ensure that every member of the family, regardless of age, feels the value and joy of the experience.

How much is a Disney cruise for 2 adults and 1 child

Children on Disney Cruises typically have reduced ticket prices compared to adults. The age at which children transition from adult fares to child fares varies according to the specific cruise and itinerary. But generally, it is around 14 years old.

This threshold aligns with Disney’s programs and facilities for teens, offering a notably distinct experience from those catered to younger children.

Do you pay full price for a child on a Disney cruise?

Guests ages 13 and above are charged a reduced adult fare, while Guests ages 3-12 are charged a child rate. Guests under the age of three also have a reduced rate. 

The Disney Cruise Line website has wonderful resources to help you narrow down your search for the perfect cruise.

When does a child start being charged for the Cruise?

All guests are charged for sailing aboard Disney Cruise Line. Even the youngest Mouseketeers. However, you’ll notice different pricing depending on who is in the stateroom with the infant.

Are babies free on Disney cruises?


When traveling with one parent and one baby, the baby’s cost will be higher due to discounts for the third and fourth guests in a stateroom, regardless of age. If an infant is accompanying two adults in the stateroom, the baby’s charge is significantly lower.

As the third or fourth guest, pricing increases at age 3 and then again at age 13. For a pricing estimate, check out the Disney Cruise Line website and select a sailing to view the pricing. Play around with the traveling party composition to adjust the ages of the guests and stateroom arrangements. Even if you’re not ready to book, this will give you a ballpark figure of the cost.

Factors Influencing Child Ticket Costs

Several factors influence the cost of a child’s ticket on a Disney Cruise. The first and most significant element is the cruise itinerary itself. Longer, more fancy cruises usually carry higher average cruise fares for all passengers.

The second factor is the stateroom selection, as larger and more luxurious cabins naturally command higher overall fares, including those for children. Finally, tickets are also influenced by the season, with peak times (e.g., holidays, summer) often demanding higher prices.

Realistically, children are not paying full price on a Disney Cruise. But the actual cost will depend on these factors and can approach half the cost of an adult ticket on certain itineraries.

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Benefits of Kids on Disney Cruises

Though you may be contemplating the cost, the benefits of kids on Disney cruises are substantial. From the tiny tots to the moody tweens, there is something for every age group in Disney’s onboard offerings.

Family-Friendly Activities

Disney Cruises are renown for its family-friendly activities. The ships are equipped with spaces and clubs designed to engage children in environments crafted to mirror their favorite Disney worlds. From the Oceaneer Club and Lab for preteens to toddlers’ play areas and even adult-supervised nurseries. Your children are not just passengers but valued guests.

Entertainment for Children

The onboard entertainment is top-tier, offering Broadway-caliber shows and unique character interactions that are vividly reminiscent of the magic found in the parks.

Additionally. The ships have numerous pools and waterslides, themed deck parties, and activities such as the Midship Detective Agency game. Ensuring that little ones are kept blissfully entertained throughout the voyage.

Considerations for Parents

For parents, navigating the cost of a Disney Cruise can be as intense as the ship’s night-time spectaculars.

Here are some considerations to make the experience both memorable and financially sensible.

Budgeting Tips for Families

To manage the budget. Families need to plan milestones well in advance and take advantage of booking bonuses and payment plans. Checking for promotions, such as discounted rates for kids or included onboard credit, can also provide financial relief.

Another consideration is the day-to-day spending onboard. All Disney cruise ships operate on a cashless system, with purchases made using a Key to the World Card that is linked to a guest’s stateroom.

Parents should set a daily spending budget, and consider prepaid dining and entertainment packages, which can offer substantial savings over a la carte pricing.

Making the Most of Child Pricing Offers

Disney Cruise Line often offers deals that cater to families, with promotions including “kids sail free” or reduced rate packages for young travelers. Keep an eye on these offers to ensure you’re not missing out on significant savings.

It’s also worth looking into loyalty programs if you foresee more Disney Cruises in the future. Repeat cruisers enjoy benefits such as reduced deposit amounts and potential stateroom upgrades


How Much Does a Disney Cruise Cost

While Disney’s land travel is a blast, embarking on a Disney Cruise offers a different kind of magic. Here at Blissful Travel Escapes, we’re huge fans of Disney Cruises and believe they’re an awesome way to see the world, proudly part of the Castaway Club!

Similar to the theme parks, anything Disney-related comes with a price tag. If you’re here, you’re probably curious about the recent cost of a Disney cruise per person. Typically, prices can go up to over $3000 per person for a Disney Cruise, but various factors can influence that. Fortunately, having been on a few ourselves, we can help break down all you need to know about Disney Cruise Line pricing.

We trust you’ll find this post valuable! If you’re planning a Disney Cruise, don’t miss our other FREE vacation planning tools. Our mission at The Park Prodigy has always been to help you save time on your next vacation and discover the most budget-friendly Disney Cruise vacation possible!

Is Disney’s high-end Cruise?

Although Disney Cruise Line is commonly associated with mainstream brands such as Carnival Cruise Line and Royal Caribbean, a Disney voyage should be regarded as a premium experience akin to Celebrity Cruises and Holland America Line.

This distinction is warranted due to Disney’s exceptional service, exquisite dining options, and exclusive offerings. Each of the five Disney cruise ships boasts an elegant design and delivers top-tier services.

Is all food truly complementary Disney Cruise

Most of the food on a Disney cruise is included in the cruise fare, but some specialty dining options come with an extra charge. These can range from upscale restaurants to themed dining experiences.


Disney Cruises is an investment in more than mere travel — they’re in the business of crafting unforgettable family memories. While the upfront cost can sometimes be daunting, understanding and making use of the child pricing system can help families enjoy the full Disney experience without breaking the bank.

Always remember that the cost of a vacation is not just about the dollars spent. But also about the value of the experience and the priceless memories made.

Disney Cruises are essentially floating children’s paradises, and the joy and wonder they provide to kids (and adults!) are truly beyond value. Whether you save a little on each child’s fare or go all out for a special celebration, the enrichment, and joy that a Disney Cruise brings to a child’s life is an investment in their happiness and your shared family narrative.

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